Welcome to the Interactive Audio Special Interest Group... Serving the Interactive Audio Community for over 20 years.

Our mission is improving the performance of interactive applications by influencing hardware, software, and tool design. We bring together developers of audio software, hardware, and content to produce research reports and recommended practices. Anyone with a commercial interest in audio for interactive entertainment is encouraged to become a member of the IASIG.

News & Events

IASIG's "Physical Modeling Plugin Working Group" is now signing up members. Click for info.

IASIG @ GDC March 4-6, 2015, San Francisco CA

The IASIG would like to thank sponsors Fmod, Audiokinetic, Berklee College of Music,  Dolby, and Tazman Audio for their support of the IASIG Events @ GDC. Click here for a report from the IASIG Town Hall Meeting...


IASIG@AES IASIG members were speakers, moderators, and panelists for several sessions on the Game Audio Track at the 137th AES International Convention in Los Angeles CA, October 9-12, 2014.

The 3rd Audio Technologies for Music and Media (ATMM) Conference took place on 12-14 November 2014 in Turkey, focused on the various aspects of audio, audiovisual and music technologies for music and media. See more at http://atmm-conference.org

Game Audio Education Curriculum Guidelines
Learn what IASIG experts and top educators recommend for institutions that want to
teach audio for games and interactive applications. Download our curriculum guidelines.

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