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[edit] Game Audio Books

This section is devoted to books on game audio and related disciplines.

  • Sound Design Books - These books are about the general topic of sound design (mostly film related), not specifically applied towards game audio.
  • Studio Skills Books - These books are another set of related skills that might not be specifically geared toward game audio.
  • Synthesis Books - These books are about synthesis and artificial instrument building techniques.

[edit] Online Articles and White Papers

  • [http:/ The Game Environment from an Auditive Perspective]. Axel Stockburger.

[edit] Composer Interviews

[edit] Sound Designer Interviews

[edit] Game Audio Newsgroups and E-Mail Lists

[edit] Schools and Universities with Game Audio Programs

[edit] Game Audio Events

  • Project Bar-B-Q - hosted by the Fat Man. An intense music think tank held annually that concentrates on advancing audio for games.

[edit] Organizations & Web Sites

  • - Website devoted to interactive music and sound, mostly dedicated to web and mobile mediums.
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