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What is Interactive Audio?

"Interactive Audio" is audio for interactive media such as video games, AR/VR environments, and websites... anywhere the audio changes according to listener input. The term "Interactive" is used to distinguish it from "linear" forms of audio (such as in films and in cut scenes in games) where the audio is decided in advance and always is the same no matter who is listening. The creation and delivery of Interactive Audio involves specialized skills and tools, and the close cooperation of composers, musicians, sound designers, programmers, educators, and software/hardware developers.

What is the IASIG?

The IASIG is an organization that brings together experts to share their knowledge and help improve the state of the art in audio for games, websites, VR content, and other interactive performances. Our members share tips and techniques, study trends, and create reports and recommendations that game developers, tool makers, and platform owners use to create better products.

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Coming Soon: Music and Audio for VR/AR

Technologies for Immersing Listeners in 3D Space.
Headphones vs. Multispeakers
Binaural vs. Ambisonics
Material Properties (Improved Reflections)
Sound (and Music) Object Metadata

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