The members of the IASIG Steering Committee are:

  •   Kurt Heiden, Chairman (Bose)
  • Steve Horowitz (Nickelodean/The Code International)
  • Chase Bethea(Independent Composer / Sound Designer)
  • Jim Rippie (Invisible Industries)
  • Brennan Anderson (Pyramind)
  • Rick Ross (Avalanche Studios)

Athan Billias, President of the MIDI Association also participates in all Steering Committee meetings and decisions.

Steering Committee Guidelines

The Steering Committee is a group of any odd number (but no less than five) members. New members of the Steering Committee should be solicited (through nominations or volunteers from the General Membership) when an existing member steps down. Final approval of any new Steering Committee members will be subject to the discretion of the current Steering Committee members. In the event that a clear decision is not evident, the Steering Committee may chose to adopt a formal voting process for this purpose at that time.

The main job of the Steering Committee is the administration of the IASIG which includes the following functions:

  • schedule and publicize annual and semi-annual meetings
  • publicize the findings of the Working Groups
  • review and implement new services and technologies (i.e. social networking, etc.)
  • create and implement strategies for the recruiting of new members
  • create and implement revenue generating ventures (non recruitment oriented)
  • act as points of contact for and manage ongoing relationships with other organizations wishing to work with the IASIG
  • review, suggest revisions to, and approve new Working Group proposals
  • request submissions of proposals from a member of the IASIG who identifies a significant issue, but cannot rally enough of a response from the GM to form a Working Group. Upon receipt of such a proposal, the Steering Committee will then decide upon what action it wishes to take. Such action may include publishing the results, requesting more information, putting the proposal out to the GM for feedback, etc.
  • act individually as representatives to the Working Groups. The Steering Committee representative will provide guidance as needed to the Working Group Chair to facilitate results in the Working Group. The Steering Committee representative will also serve as the communications conduit between the Working Group and the Steering Committee. In the event of persistent difficulties it may be necessary for the Steering Committee representative to recommend actions be taken by the Steering Committee to either get the Working Group back on track or disband it entirely.
  • keep track of the progress of the Working Group and resolve issues brought before the committee by Working Group's Steering Committee representatives
  • assure that Working Groups stay on track and meet their objectives and that their deliverables meet IASIG standards for content, form, and consensus

IASIG Chairman

The IASIG Chair (or Co-Chair) is primarily responsible for overseeing the processes and functions of the Steering Committee. New IASIG Chairs will be nominated from existing (or new) Steering Committee members when an existing IASIG Chair resigns. The Chair assignment is subject to approval by the remaining members.

The additional responsibilities of the IASIG Chair are as follows:

  • keep track of the overall direction and performance of the IASIG.
  • manage Steering Committee activities.
  • insure that the IASIG and the Steering Committee remain honest and non partisan bodies.
  • delegate tasks (such as setting up meetings) to Steering Committee members (including themselves).
  • schedule, coordinate, and set agendas for Steering Committee meetings (in person or conference calls).