Members of the IASIG are expected to abide by the following policies.

It is NOT appropriate for members to use the IASIG's public meetings as a forum for making disparaging remarks about other individuals, technologies or, member companies.

The IASIG is devoted to cooperation and open discussion. SIG members are expected to use professional discretion when speaking out at our public meetings. Such judicial use of your good judgment will help our organization ensure that cooperation and openness will not be jeopardized.

At the same time, however, dissenting voices must be heard and given their due so as to promote open, honest and challenging discussions and to reach the best conclusions. When remarks need to be negative and perhaps contentious, they should be made on the IASIG main or WG mailing lists or in closed, members only meetings. In this way, these important sentiments can be expressed, discussed, and acted upon, without causing unwanted side effects.

Remarks made on the IASIG main or WG mailing lists or in closed, members only meetings are the property of the IASIG and cannot be reproduced with out the express written consent of the IASIG Steering Committee.

This statement of ownership is intended to provide a level of comfort to all members that what they say or what is said about them within the confines of the SIG will not be misrepresented or re-broadcast without consent and approval. This helps create an environment of trust and security needed to speak openly and honestly within the SIG community.

Our open meetings, on the other hand, are intended for the dissemination of our work and results to the public and the industry at large. To this end, we invite press and influential industry folks to attend and hear what we have to say. This way what media attention we do receive will focus on the great work and positive accomplishments of the group as a whole, not small episodes of controversy.

The press and public are generally invited to attend any IASIG or MMA sponsored event occurring in conjunction with a trade show, such as General or Working Group meetings and/or special presentations at NAMM, AES, NAB and CGDC. This does not include closed meetings such as Working Group meetings held at private (usually corporate) sites.