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March 2015 -- Interest in the industry toward support of new and different audio generation tools provides an opportunity for IASIG to support the industry's efforts, through discussion and capture of requirements.


Chair: Brennan Anderson


As one instance of physical modeling software serving as a real-world example (currently the only known example), Ruratae is an audio tool created by Drew Allen as part of his graduate thesis. It uses physics modeling to simulate sounds without the use of audio files. The tool can be used to create new virtual instruments and objects, whose sounds are physically modeled following their construction.

This is the first example of a Physical Modeling Plugin that will be a highly usable professional tool for use in music, sound design creation, and interactive audio. Based on the interest in this tool by multiple members of the interactive audio community, including our own Damian Kastbaur and Scott Looney as well as several G.A.N.G members, I believe it would be worthwhile to create a working group to define features and usability for this and any other future physical modeling plugins.

The applications of this type of tool would allow for a newfound flexibility of sound expression in both interactive and linear media, and will be worthy of our time as well as highly valuable to the audio community.