Topic Introduction

This WG would develop a specification for a standard, interoperable method of representing looping, branching, and other flow-of-control operations or compositional structures in Standard MIDI Files. The final specification should be published by either the IA-SIG, the MMA, or as a joint IASIG/MMA release.

Compositional looping and branching are staples of adaptive soundtrack construction, and have always been a feature of most game music engines and data formats. However, the Standard MIDI File does not include any standard method of achieving loop & branch, indeed nothing other than simple linear start-to-finish playback. If there were a standard for loop & branch in SMF, it would make it much easier to create adaptive MIDI music, and adaptive MIDI music could be interoperable, i.e. could be authored on any MIDI sequencer and played on any conformant SMF player. Reliance on proprietary players and tools could be reduced.

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