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  • Interactive Composition Lexicon v 1.0 (pdf) 6/1996 (Temporarily Unavailable)

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November 15, 1999 -- The Interactive Composition Working Group (ICWG) was formed in 1995 to explore and discuss issues relating to the creation and use of a family of technologies it refers to as Adaptive Audio Systems (AAS). The ICWG defined Adaptive Audio as audio that is delivered via a system that allows for direct or indirect control of the data and/or data stream. A quote from ICWG member Thomas Dolby Robertson, Chief Beatnik of Headspace best describes the benefits of such technology: "Adaptive audio systems provide a heightened user experience through a dynamic audio soundtrack which adapts to a variety of emotional and dramatic states resulting, perhaps, from choices the user makes." The initial task of the ICWG was to create the lexicon of common terminology in order to discus Interactive Composition, which was completed in 6/96 (see "Publications", above).

The group then began exploring a common approach to the creation of Adaptive Audio Systems (a system that allows for direct or indirect control of the audio data and/or data stream), and the possibility of creating standards where Adaptive Audio Systems could exist. A specification of the functionality for a standard Interactive Audio Engine was proposed and discussed, but the group did not reach any conclusions.

After a period of inactivity, the ICWG was re-launched in June of 1999 with Version 2 Goals, but again did not progress.

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